Everything that can be traded or given a value is considered an asset. This includes character Contracts, Items, Money, or anything else that may come under a manager's ownership. Building up your assets will help you gain points quicker, or give you bargaining chips when Trading with other managers.

Types of Assets Edit

Contracts Edit

The most important type of asset in the Virtual Fighter League is contracts. Contracts are simply notifications of what manager and club a character belongs to, as well as a reminder of ongoing costs for that character. Every character has a price, based on Division and level, which will be deducted from the owning manager's current cash at the beginning of each week. Contracts are considered valuable and will add towards a manager's Net Worth even though they may cost a manager far more than they are worth.

Contracts may be Traded, bought through Auctions, or acquired from Free Agents.

Items Edit

This type of asset is much more ambiguous than the others. An item is any temporary or permanent effect a manager has obtained. Some items can be bought, others won from tournaments, or some can ever be earned from events. Items have a myriad of different effects, varying from single-use buffs or debuffs for characters to permanent effects that alter certain statistics until the end of a season (or longer in a Multi-Season League).

Most items can be found in the Store and may be Traded, but there are exceptions.

Money Edit

Lastly, Money is the simplest and most ubiquitous type of asset. The more money you have, the more options you have. It can be used in Trades, to Bet on Fights, purchase other assets, purchase training and more. Money is needed to stay in the league as well.

Money is given at the beginning of a Season and earned passively during a season. It can be Traded.