Just like in similar games, the VFL offers players a chance to bet on matches. A manager may bet any amount of money, up to their current total, upon any match. Unlike other services though, players get to see the odds before they bet, based on the matched characters' historic and recent winrates. Using this information, managers may make more strategic decisions on when to bet, hopefully avoiding ever going Bankrupt.

The calculation to find the odds is Recent Winrate divided by Historic Winrate for each character:

X:Y -> X Recent WR/X Historic WR : Y Recent WR/Y Historic WR

For example, if a fighter with a 52% historic and 38% recent winrate was matched against a fighter with a 20% historic, but a 75% recent winrate, the calculated odds would be 0.19:1, or about 1:5. This method of calculating odds places more significance on recent winrates than historical winrates.