At the beginning of every Season, there are a certain number of Characters in the VFL. After the initial Draft, all characters that are not owned by a manager are known as free agents. These characters participate in Fights and Tournaments just as a Contracted player would, but they earn no points or rewards for anyone, except for experience and Levels. If a free agent completes enough fights, he or she will earn a level up but will not spend the Talent received for that level. A manager who picks up a free agent with unspent talents will be allowed to choose which talents that character receives.

Contracting Edit

At any point a free agent may be obtained by a manager, though there is a process to it. After a manager selects a free agent that he or she wants, contract bidding will begin. The minimum amount required to purchase a fighter's contract is:

Initial Contract Cost = $10,000/Division# + Level*$1,000

For example, a 0-level, 5th division fighter would cost $2,000 minimum to contract. If a manager is willing to pay at least that much, bidding begins. Any interested manager's may bid on that character's contract, up to that manager's total fight money at that time. The bidding will complete 24 hours after it began, and the contract will go to the highest bidder. From that point forward, the fighter is owned by the winning manager and will earn points and rewards for him or her.

Note: Any manager who ends up as the highest bidder may not back out of the purchase, even if it would send that manager to $0.