Introduction to the Virtual Fighting League Edit

Welcome to the VFL! This game is a hybrid of fantasy sport manager and fighting games. It was inspired by SaltyBet and uses the M.U.G.E.N engine and many characters found throughout the community. VFL is currently made for a small group of players, about 4-12. Many more than 12 will make player choices more limited.

Gameplay in VFL is divided into Seasons, much like fantasy sports. Play will begin on a certain date and continue for 8-12 weeks, at which point a winner is declared. Also like fantasy sports, VFL is not a highly interactive game nor one that requires much time. A player could update their team and do their required actions once a week or once a day, whatever suits them better.

At the beginning of the season, each player drafts a team of characters and is given starting money. Money is used to purchase Characters or Training, or to Bet on matches throughout the season. The amount of starting money can be changed depending on how powerful of teams players should have. The draft occurs in one sitting, with all players choosing their characters in a predetermined order. Please read the Drafting page for the full rules. After the draft, players will be allowed to spend their money immediately, or save it if they wish.

Players are compared throughout the season, and finally at the end, with points. Each character in the league earns points for the team that character is on (if a character is not on a team they are known as a Free Agent and will earn no points, though they may earn other rewards). Each player's score, at any given moment, is then equal to the sum of all the values of their active characters. Official Scoring has more details not mentioned here.

The characters are all community-created, with some being incredibly powerful and others not so much. Every character has a page on this wiki that gives information on that character's stats and abilities. Each character is placed into a Division based on its relative power level. As a season progresses, a character may climb or fall into a new division, possibly causing issues on a player's roster or beginning a bidding war. In addition, characters themselves can grow over a season. Each character begins the league at Level 0, and can climb a certain number of levels throughout the season. They do so by gaining experience from fights and tournaments.

Fights can be between 2-4 characters, in the form of 1v1, 1v2, or 2v2. In any fight, the fighters are all from the same division. A match is a best-of 5 in Regulation and general Tournament Matches, best-of 3 in Exhibition Matches, and best-of 7 for Tournament Finals matches.