Scoring in the Virtual Fighting League refers to the way fighters and teams are scored against each other. To win a Season, a manager must simply have more points than any other manager when that season ends. Points are awarded throughout a season for various things, such as match wins, events, and tournaments. Each day, all points earned by a manager's fighters are summed and added to that manager's total score. Fighters can only add points to a manager's score, never subtract any.

Points Edit

Each type of match earns a certain number points for any fighters involved, based on how many rounds that fighter won. The default amount of points per round is 2. Below is a list of points the winner receives for each type of match.

The values the loser receives is not listed here, as that amount can vary depending on how many individual rounds the loser wins.

Division Multipliers Edit

Additionally, each Division has a certain point multiplier associated with it. This is to entice players to obtain fighters from higher divisions. Any time a character would earn points, those points are multiplied by the character's division's multiplier. The multipliers are listed below.